Friday, July 3, 2009


Just wanted to give a quick follow up to the previous post. I called my neighbor last week to find out if they had taken the African Doctor and the Grandma to jail and to give them the number to a counselor in Kasama for this girl to meet with. Paschal let me know that they met with the family of the African Doctor and decided that they were not going to put him in jail until he lifted the curse off Chanda and she was in her right mind. Needless to say I went nuts. First I tried to explain that he could not lift the curse off of Chanda. But realizing that I could not penetrate deep seeded beliefs in juju I went to srtrict reasoning. This included an explination that the African Doctor had no motivation to cure this girl. As long as she stayed sick he was free and clear of being put in jail. The neighbor said he wanted to seem him put in jail but he wanted me to talk to his brother to get him on the same page. But they never called back. I talked with the counselor one time and she said she was going to try and get a hold of the family. To follow up I called the neighbors today, unfortunately I spoke to the other brother who's English is just ok and I am not sure he understood what I said. But he said that the African Doctor was in jail. And he said that Chanda was doing a bit better. But I don't know if she met with the counselor and I am not really convinced that the African Doctor is in jail and I probably won't find out until I get home in 10 days.

It was a big change being in Lusaka this past week. We went out dancing and an American friend called his Zambian friends to come out with us. Needless to say I think a couple of the friends of the friends were prostitutes because they were hitting on me. That doesn't happen in this country because homosexuality is illegial, but the prostitutes know that sometimes Americans like the same sex, so I think she was trying. It was pretty crazy to watch her move around and hit on all the guys and me (the only other girl with us was pretty clearly being courted so she was left alone.) That same weekend another prostitute saw me and my friend Dale walking home from a friends house at 11:00 at night. I was carrying a bag of clean laundry I just washed with a washer and dryer on my head. She asked me if I had been chased from my home. After I told her no and that we were going home just now she asked why I was carrying the bag on my head. She then told me that I was scaring the people because I looked like the ghost of an African woman. Gotta love prostitutes. The were some other prostitutes that followed some guys back at 4 in the morning from Alpha Bar, the hooker hang out. They knocked on mine and Sydney's door and realized it was a girls room. We asked who they were looking for and they replied their friend. Then we asked who their friend was and they didn't respond. Finally I told them we knew everyone in the building and wanted to know who they were looking for. Their response was "a sweet white guy." At that point we told them they needed to go and fast.

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