Friday, October 22, 2010


I'm 28 years old and I am eating Ramen noodles like it is my job. I didn't even eat that in college. Even worse the Ramen pack that I pulled out of my bag today to go make in the office kitchen had a hole in it and half the bag missing. No problem. Until I realized the puppy sized rat that is living between the ceiling of the downstairs neighbor and my floor was the culprit for the hole. I still ate the Ramen. I can't remember if I should be grossed out by that or not. But now I will wage a war with that rat. This is the city for crying out loud.

But sometimes I forget I am actually in the city.

Two days ago I went to lunch with the sweet Swedish girl that works here at the office with me. We were at the French Alliance having a nice salad buffet. The boss man at the office jokingly asked us to bring him back desert because he couldn't come with us. We decided to get him something anyway. I asked the waitress how much it was for desert. She replied, "15pin, what would you like?" I said, "Give me one of each: a piece of pie, a piece of cake, and a nice tart." She replied "It's 15pin each." "What?" That is 3 dollars for a piece of pie? I came back with the sweet Swedish girl and we picked just one desert for the big man. The waitress then asked, "Just the one?" And, I responded "Unless you want to give us an imbasela." We had an awkward exchange for a few minutes then she gave us 2 tarts for free. You would think I would get embarrassed by these things, but the sweet Swedish girl was encouraging me. We each got a nice sweet coarse for $1 instead of $3. I'm 28 and haggling over $6.

Life is funny.

This morning I wanted to wear my favorite pair of jeans to work. But there is a smallish hole in leg. While I was filling up my bath water I quickly stitched up the hole. I didn't do a very good job; its looks like my jeans are turning into Frankenstein. But they still fit nicely and you couldn't see the hole anyway. I'm 28 and still wearing holey clothes.

Grandpa told me 4 years ago that I couldn't be a rambling rose forever. I asked him to give me 2 years, its now been 4 going on 5. Grandma told me just before my two years in Peace Corps ended that I need to get a job that pays me. They are both right, its just looking like it might still be a while though. Oops.

Not sure what happened. I wanted to play. But now I am ready to make me some money so I can keep playing. One more year and then game on! Then I will be 29 and still eating Ramen, but hopefully not.

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  1. I think you have a lot more than most people. Experience beats out fine dining and non-holey clothes any day!