Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Home Improvement

The rainy season is officially upon us.  It has rained 3 days now, 2 of those days were back to back.  Last night was a pretty good rain storm.  I tried watching a movie on my computer but the rain was so loud I couldn't hear it.  Giving up, I crawled into bed. After laying there for a while I thought I heard water dripping.  Two years in the village with a leaky roof has me paranoid.  Not wanting things in the house to get ruined I got up and looked around the house for leaks.  Nothing.  Reminding myself that I no longer had a grass thatched roof I got back in bed.  The dripping sound was still there and it sounded like it was dripping in between my room and my flatmate's room.  There is only a closet there.  Then I figured it was the sound echoing off the wall opposite the window.  As I rolled over though I felt water drops.  I looked over at the other side of my bed and a small puddle was forming.  Good thing I sleep alone, would of been a cold wet night for someone.  I gotta get this problem fixed though before my bed get moldy though. 

This flat is turning into a lot of work.  To date I have gotten the hot water geyser replaced, burglar bars put on the windows, and the door handle to the back veranda replaced.  Now the roof needs to be fixed, the shower head/hose needs to be replaced and the burglar bars need to be painted and the burn marks from the welding cleaned off the window and tiles.  And I still need to trap that rather large rat running around.  Houses are a lot of work. I completely forgot. 

As far as cosmetics go I need to make some curtains for the living room, we have a large window that takes up the better part of one wall.  It is great because it looks over a beautiful back yard with lots of trees, its so green and plush.  But when the neighbors are doing yard work they can look up into our window.  The walls are really bare too, I am wanting to get some photos printed and to find a painting or two to hang up.  It will be home for the next year, might as well make it a pleasant space to occupy. 


  1. Rat! Ugh. I need your current address.

  2. PO Box 50707
    Lusaka, Zambia

    I will be home around December 11th. Not sure what all my plans are, but I really hope I can see you guys up in the NW. Miss you lots!