Friday, March 18, 2011


Grandma asked me to take photos of my life in Zambia when I was on home leave at Christmas time.  Below is a collection of photos from my work life.  Our office is beautiful, I think.  The gardens are the best part about the place.  Not sure I will ever work in such a beautiful place again or have as big an office as I do now, just as a volunteer.  
WorldFish Zambia Office.

View from the front door of my office. Yes, that is a swimming pool that is rarely used.

The back garden

Lunch time, they asked me to take a photo then got shy and turned away.

My office is up stairs.

So many paper.



  1. Hello, I recently received my invitation to the RAP program in Zambia and I was hoping you could tell me a bit about cell phone reception and internet access in rural areas. My outlook has been that I would enjoy two tech free years, but I know that it would do a lot for my family's peace of mind if I were able to contact them regularly.

    Were you able to buy and use a cell phone at your site?
    Did you bring and use a laptop? Did you purchase an internet card and use it at your site?

    Would you recommend that a person do so?

    Thanks so much,

  2. Congrats Melissa! The RAP project is a fantastic one, its good to be a RAPer. Network coverage varies from site to site, but everyone in Peace Corps here has a cell phone. Even if you have very spotty coverage at site you could climb an ant hill and find a bar to send a text, infact PC has started to make that a requirement for the sites (some minimal cell phone coverage). I didn't come to country with a laptop. I picked mine up halfway through my service when I went to visit family and it became a pain honestly. Keeping a computer at site is risky. You will be in a grass thatched hut with no electricity or running water. Charging your laptop will not be easy. I kept my laptop at the provincial house and it started to become more effort than it was worth, but I am not a high tech person either with lots of movies and music and what not on the thing. There is the possibility of using the internet on your cell phone, which I was able to do in the village. You will have access to the outside world, but you will also have the ability to limit it. Feel free to email if you have any more questions:

    Good luck with your remaining time at home. Enjoy all the good food, family, friends and fun.

  3. I had no idea your office was so beautiful! I'm glad to know you have a comfortable place to work, even if your days are a bit of a roller coaster. Miss you!

  4. Thanks! It is a beautiful place despite some of the craziness, maybe that is what makes it beautiful though. Miss you too madame.

  5. Wow! That is really beautiful. Thanks for the pics. MORE! MORE!