Thursday, April 21, 2011

Maine to Mush

The thought of living in a town of less than 10,000 people caught my stomach in my throat and made me hyperventilate. I have lived 15 miles OUTSIDE of a town of 300 people. I went to school in a town of 30,000 (half of them college students). I lived for two years in a village with who knows how many people, 2000 around maybe. Do I really want to do the small town thing again? Or am I ready for the big city with culture, music, friends and family?

Today, though, I found myself hoping that UMaine gives me an offer I can't refuse so that I can look for a musher to make friends with and help.......maybe the pictures here will give you an idea why.

Loading dogs for my race.

Getting ready for a training run.

Taken a Lower 48er for a ride with my pups.

Untangling a knot of dogs during a training run.

Training run with the 4-wheeler.

The end of 200 very hard miles...decided to do sprint racing after this.

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