Thursday, May 5, 2011


Most of the time I am really glad that I decided to stay in Zambia for another year. The work experience is fantastic and it is nice to see a different side of Zambia. Village volunteers tend to make comments about Lusaka not being the "real Zambia." Turns out, it still is. I absolutely used to think that Lusaka wasn't Zambia. It is different than the village of course. Just like New York City is different than Cody, Wyoming. Needless to say, it is eye-opening and great to experience all aspects of a different culture. With that said, as of late I have had sporadic longings for home. To be back with my family and friends in the states. To settle in to the next phase of my life, whatever that means. I am starting to think that I will be ready to go home by the time all is said and done here. Six months is starting to feel like a long time. I will have seen 4 birthdays here. I will have missed several holidays, weddings, births and birthdays. My friend's children have been born, learned how to walk and talk and gotten closer to school age before I have even met them. Ten years will have passed since I have last lived in the same house as my parents for more than a month or so at a time. I am starting to feel like I have been gone for a very long time. I am starting to feel then need to go back home. But what is home? Where I have family? Where I identify with people the most? Where I am comfortable? Where I can pick up a phone and call my brother or my mother just to chat for a quick minute without it costing me more than a meal? I guess the real question is what is home?

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