Friday, June 3, 2011


I need something more in my life right now. My mother would probably suggest that a boyfriend/husband/kids are the missing ingredients and she has a point. But for the time being those ingredients are hard to come by so I will have to explore other options. As you might have read, I recently gave up booze and coffee for a variety of reasons. Loosing weight was a major incentive (for the booze), plus I felt like that was all I was doing. Going out on weekends, staying out late and dancing. Its fun occasionally, not every weekend. The coffee was because I was way too addicted and that has become apparent with my moodiness this week.

To find fulfillment elsewhere I have decided that horseback riding is going to be my next new hobby. After doing some investigating and accusing random women of looking like a "horsewoman" I finally have an "appointment" to meet with a teacher tomorrow. Patrick, a lovely gentlemen on the phone. He couldn't take my phone number down because he was on a horse...using a cellphone. When I mentioned that I was thinking of riding my bike out to where he teaches (maybe 25k from my house) he got a real kick out of the thought of that, I suppose you could say he was laughing at me on the phone. Rightfully so, I haven't ridden a bike since sometime last August and now I want to go 50k round trip. Ha. I am going to be dead tomorrow. And, suffering from a sever lack of coffee.

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