Wednesday, August 24, 2011


After a year in Lusaka I finally found the motivation to make the 920 kilometer and 2 day journey back to my village. It was so wonderful to see my Zambian family and to be with the people that lived with for two years. It was really hard to say goodbye this time, not knowing if I will ever have the chance to return to my village. Its hard to express what it was like being back, but I took some photos that might tell the story better.

Bana Mosi and Bana Sampa cleaning vegetables to sale.

Humphrey eating a lolipop.

The chicken put on a good chace, but was no match for these kids. Time to make lunch!

An afternoon of drinking and playing games. My family took the day off of farming activities to hang out with me, and to drink beer.

There were 15 neighbor kids that were always around my house, this is just a few of them.

My crazy Zambian Grandma.

A couple of my farmers I used to work with.

My Zambian family's big fish pond.

Ba Nchimunya from the clinic and his daughter Luyando (which means love).

Ba Paschal and Ba Monica with me!

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  1. Your photos are wonderful. Especially the little boy sitting. I'm going to se d you a link to a photo contest with the smithsonian. Love u