Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Yesterday I had to go to the doctor to get an x-ray on my pinkie toe.  I know, there is nothing you can do for a broken toe.  On Friday I ran into the corner just outside my office door.  I was lazy about calling Peace Corps Medical to ask them if I should do something about it.  By the time I called on Saturday afternoon it was too late to go to the clinic, so I had to go the following morning.  Of course the x-ray lab was closed on a Sunday, so the doctor advised me to come back the next day and wrote the order for the x-ray.  On Monday morning I tried desperately to get out of the x-ray but medical said I had to go since the doctor ordered it and they haven't seen it. 

I got to work, checked my email, facebook, and blog then decided I should go.  Our driver was too busy to take me to the clinic so the wonderful woman at the front desk had the guard call a taxi for me.  The taxi driver picked me up and wanted a little bit too much for the taxi but I agreed anyway.  When we got to the clinic I realized I didn't have exact change for my kw50,000 note, I needed kw20,000 in change.  He started piece mealing my change together.  First I got a kw10,000 then 5 kw1,000 notes.  Still kw5,000 short he handed me a US $1, which is worth about kw4,500 right now.  To top up he put in a kw500.  I was pretty excited to have USD on my person. 

Last week I went to Kitwe and the sweet lady that works at the front desk misunderstood our per diem request, so we were short per diem for one day.  She was so busy that she only got the per diem request completed today.  When she came into my office this afternoon to give me the money it was in USD.  Incredible, getting ready for my trip home I guess.  The only problem was she needed $1 change.......

Everything comes full circle.  Guess it was really good I went to the doctor yesterday. 

P.S. they are pretty sure the toe isn't broken, but they are having the radiologist check it because the bruising and swelling was so bad. 


  1. Hurts a little bit still, haven't run in a week but I walked a lot this weekend and it held up ok. Might try running tomorrow. Thanks for asking.