Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Right to Bear Arms

A friend of a friend opened up a gun shop in Southern Province for hunters.  He desperately wants to carry Rugers because they are such nice guns.  He calls Bob something or other at Ruger every other day to become a dealer.  Bob, however, never returns the phone calls.  The friend of a friend has two very Muslim names.  Bob is making too many assumptions  The friend of the friend used to be very good friends with the previous American Ambassador to Zambia.  The friend of the friend is also good friends with the current Zambian President, he even calls him on his direct line to chat.  The friend of the friend is well connected with good intentions and just wants to shoot buffalo.  Bob, your assumptions are based on ignorance.

The friend of the friend is hoping to go to the embassy to get clearance/checked out/background checked, whatever it takes, so that Bob will get off his high horse and let this business man make some money from selling a quality product.  Americans hunt here all the time Bob, this isn't a good business practice for you.  The market is here. 

Fortunately, the friend of the friend is so very understanding of the current global situation with tensions high between Muslims and Christians, or the war on terror.  He says its no one's fault that boths sides are so untrusting of each other, its a lot of mistakes from both sides over a long time.  It seems to be more like a religious war since this man is thousands of miles away from terrorist activity but is being discriminated against because of a name alone.  Its difficult to exist in such animosity and hypocrisy.  America was founded on the freedom of religion and the right to bear arms, seems like Bob doesn't believe in at least 2 of our constitutional rights that we are trying to force on other Nations. 

Bob, where do you really stand?

The war on terror should be the war on intollerance.  America we are guilty of the latter as well.

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