Wednesday, January 26, 2011


There is a number that keeps reoccurring in my life. Usually as an address, sometimes in a telephone number. Today it was in the date. My first memory of this number is as the address of my childhood home that I most remember. I lived in that house for at least 10 years and have some very fond memories of that place.

The next time I really remember it coming up was in Kodiak, Alaska, twice. My friends own a salmon fishing camp in a bay 5 hours from Kodiak town by boat or 30mins by plane. The father-in-law of my friend lives in town and has a beautiful house above the hill overlooking the bay. His house number is almost the exact same, minus one number that was repeated anyway. As that first summer at fish camp came to a close I decided to go work for the neighbor’s camp for 3 weeks to earn some more cash. When he gave me the PO Box number so that I could receive letters I noticed that the box number was the exact same as my childhood house number. It was a fantastic summer.

A good friend of mine here in Zambia has those same numbers in his phone number here, little bit different order but the numbers are still there.

Today I realized that the date also had the same lucky numbers, as I have so deemed them, and it was a good day in a roundabout sort of way. My run was exceptionally difficult this morning after having gained 10-12lbs from being back in the states. All the scales I have stepped on have said something different. By the time I reached the corner to catch my ride to work I had sweated my make up off and my hair was a frizzy mess. My friend and workmate was picking me up today and I haven’t seen her in almost a couple of months. Traffic was extra bad today, but it gave us time to catch up and she told me that she and her husband were pregnant with their second child. We had the conversation about them having more kids some time back but she only responded with a maybe. As it turns out she was actually pregnant at that time but they were keeping in under wraps for a while. She is a wonderful mom and it made my day to hear that she was expecting.

Work went really well. I am glad to be back, I got focused on my project, got myself organized, had some wonderful conversations that made me feel really supported and had a long conversation with a guy who wants to start fish farming as a business that made me feel competent and possibly might of surprised the man. I got home early from work and realized that one of my most secret desires had come true, had a lovely visit with some great friends and finally got a text from someone that I was upset with, who never texts first, wondering why I was upset. Funny enough they weren’t mad when it turned out that I was upset because I had been too presumptuous and thought I had been lied to.

Switch the numbers around a bit and my lucky number come up all the time. It’s always the small things that make a day a great day!

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