Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday in South

This morning I woke up in Zambi and this evenng I will be going to sleep in South Africa. The more time I spend in Africa the more I realize how much I don't really understand. At six in the morning I was standing on a dusty street corner in one of the poshest neighborhoods in Zambia. The roads are crumbling, the grass lawns outside the gates are overgrown and shabby. When I arrived at my guesthouse in Pretoria I showed up in an American suburb, as shown below. I'm in Africa?

The poor woman working on a Sunday showed me to my room in the main house where the dining room, kitchen and washer and dryer are. As a guest you can have free reign of the washing machine, or you can pay them to do your washing for you, ironing is on the house no matter what. The room is lovely, although I am really freaked out about getting the white sheets dirty with my filthy Peace Corps feet.

After a walk to the mall where I could find absolutely anything that I could imagine or want I walked back to the guesthouse for a very lazy afternoon. On the walk home I came across these strange brids feedng on the front lawns of some of the neighbor's houses. They were not really all that bothered with me as I was walking by, but when I tried to get up close to them for a picture they flew away to a huge tree witin someone's fenced yard. Must of been their house and their big tree because the started making such a fuss and squawking like they were about to become someone's dinner. Thats when it dawned on me that they might be watch birds instead of the usual watch dog found in these parts.

After a short walk around this is how I spent the rest of the afternoon and it was glorious:

Maybe this is how I will spend tomorrow afternoon:

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