Wednesday, August 3, 2011


The National Agricultural show is big time here in Zambia, it last for 5 days with the last day being Farmer's Day, a national holiday. People come from around the country and spend weeks preparing. Buildings are repainted every year and millions of people pass through the Showgrounds, the designated spot for the Ag show that is mostly quite throughout the year. Showgrounds is where polo is played as well as motorcross is set up, but these events are minor compared to the Ag Show. On Sunday I ventured there with a few friends and spent the morning watching the finals of a dog show and the afternoon watching traditional dances. I didn't take pictures of the dog show but there are tons of photos of the traditional dancers. Enjoy!

Young girl waiting to perform.


Thats right, they are dancing on the guys legs.

Eating Fire.



A woman from the crowd pounding a mortar and pestal on this man's stomach.

Young Ngonis.

Ngonis again.

Young girls dancing.
Not sure about these guys.

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